As members will read in the magazine, we’ve got big plans to make some important changes so no memberships expire with this special celebratory issue – despite what it might say on your envelope, there’s no need to renew your membership right now.

FANDERSONからはニック・ウィリアムズ会長名で6月9日にメールも来た。「NO MEMBERSHIPS HAVE EXPIRED WITH FAB 100」という件名で、「FAB100」の74~75ページに会員制度の大きな変更が予告されているらしい。どうやら「FAB」の代わりに「FAB-lite」という新しい冊子が始まり、その初版を受け取ってから継続するかどうかを決めさせるようだ。このため、すでに更新をしてしまった人も一度払い戻しするという。

If you haven’t read it already, on pages 74/75 of FAB 100 you’ll see that we’re planning some big changes to the membership package.

We’ve still got some details to work out, such as checking our maths over the new costs and how we’ll ensure anyone owed issues of FAB doesn’t feel out of pocket when we make the change. We think it’s difficult for anyone to make an informed choice without seeing what the new offering will be like, so it would be wrong to ask anyone to renew their membership right now.

Instead, we think the fairest thing to do is send you the first edition of FAB-lite as an additional mailing in a few weeks. With it we’ll include details of the new package and the new membership fee (taking into account any issues of FAB still owed). At that point we’ll invite everyone to renew their membership.
See also https://fanderson.org.uk/news/weve-popped-fab-100-in-the-post/

It’s been so encouraging that some members have gone online and renewed their membership already, but we’ll be refunding them shortly to keep everything as ‘clean’ as possible. One of the reasons for the change is to make things easier to manage, and having a group of people who have already renewed is just another complication at the moment!

So, even if your FAB 100 mailing label said your membership expired with FAB 100, you don’t need to anything now other than enjoy the latest FAB magazine.